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Come Sail Away

Okay, I've had about enough of these freezing cold temperatures. I was just watching Bravo and Matilda (my feral yard cats) trying to cross the pavement for feeding time, eight paws all sliding in separate directions over the ice. Tragic.

Around this time in the frozen depths of winter's dark, dry exhalation, I start to fantasize about summer. Beach. Boat. SPF 45...

Ship by CW Roelle

ABOVE: Title Unknown by CW Roelle, 2008, 7.5"x6", coated wire

Since we don't have summer, and since we don't have a boat, (and I'm certainly not in much need of sunblock) I purchased this small piece by CW Roelle as a Christmas gift for my husband. I'm trying to stimulate a little art collecting dialogue between us, as one way that we can improve our lives AND help the economy at the same time...without helping anyone evil that we don't like and doesn't deserve us.

But we like this artist, and we'll be looking for more from him. And while there isn't a force on earth that can pry me from my house today, I can gaze into the waters of this little vignette and smell the salt spray.


Things I Have (and have not) Done

Cringe-city in bitter-cold land, but Happy 2009 nonetheless! Occupying the coldest corner of the house, my modest home office hasn't seen much action lately; as I've been waylaid into a new roster of activities over the past six weeks or so.
During this time, due to said "new roster of activities", a.k.a:

  • Moving my studio to Providence (during a conveniently timed, three-day blizzard)
  • Planning a press conference for FirstWorks (conveniently timed for the week after New Years)
  • Celebrating the holidays with my pals the Dotys in Baltimore (all good, all BUTTER)

I have not managed to do the usual things expected of me, a.k.a:

  • Work in said studio (it won't be set up until February)
  • Write anything new with which to amuse you on Studio Debris
  • Work out. Ugh.

I'm taking advantage of today's ungodly low temperatures to hone in on the Studio Debris bit. For those of you who attended my final open studios in Hyde Park, it was great to share that with you! Please wish extra green thoughts for Henry the stick plant. Henry did not appreciate being moved from his 8-year windowlit perch during a blizzard, being a pencil cactus and all...I'm afraid he may be on his way to the big garden in the sky! :(

Thinking with vintage style

I'm not going ANYWHERE except to work and to the studio for yet another couple of weeks...Still, I have to admit that I am thinking ahead with anticipation for my holiday travels. No, I'm not going anywhere particularly sexy this time (unless Baltimore really turns you on). For me, travel is not always about the destination; it's about the experience, the people...and, of course, having the right luggage!

Super cool handpainted vintage luggage by GetReadySetGo

With that, I was happy to trip over Get Ready Set GO, a cool vintage luggage shop (with a handcrafted spin) out of Florida. The train cases, hard-shelled suitcases, briefcases and other vintage luggage pieces satisfy that vintage loving vibe. To sweeten the experience, each piece receives its own hand-altered treatment in the form of handprinted or handpainted artwork, embellishments, and even personalization.

I'm ready to pack one up and fly away!

Visit Me at Open Studios This Weekend

Every time December comes around I feel like a piece of pulled taffy. There are so many things on my "to-do" list, and so many events and invitations piling up! I'm feeling the full plate pain a little extra this year, but that's not stopping me from piling it a little higher with a new job, projects and events.

Hyde Park Open Studios - December 6-7, 2008

Fill your plate and cross some holiday shopping items off of your to-do list THIS WEEKEND at Hyde Park Open Studios. Visit me at 65 Sprague Street, 2nd Floor, Studio #4 (rear window) and get an exclusive look at my magical workspace. After 8 long years of managing this multi-use studio, I'm moving it all down to Providence.

Meredith Cutler Studio Shots

To save myself some packing drama, I'm offering special pricing on all of my archived artwork, '07-'08 jewelry from Crostini, and a nice selection of unique studio supplies. Come meet me and Henry the ginormous stick plant (then tell me how I'm supposed to move him, he's 10 feet tall...)

With over 80 local artists participating, it's sure to be an exciting and enjoyable weekend. Please stop by and introduce yourself!

Get With The Parade: Buy Handmade!

Web Alert: the retail arm of my studio, Crostini Designs, is today's Site Of The Day on superfind indie shopping site

Crostini Designs on

Get it while it's hot! And remember, Buy Handmade this holiday season to support creative artists and indie businesses! We'll rebuild the heart of the economy one stitch, brush stroke and stir at a time if we have to (and look fabulous doing it, if I do say so myself).

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