Not a word and new views

I've been really terrible about posting lately, which has a lot to do with the shoddy state of connectivity along my daily paths. No iphone, no reliable wireless at the studio, (and blogging at work is only okay when you're blogging about work, for work - which is of high probability in my near future, dig?)

The good news is that I'm finally, almost 100% set up at my new studio. I've lightened up considerably along the way, (tightening up my footprint by about 60%) and my studiomate, the very talented Anna Shapiro, is making me feel right at home. Here are some photos of my cozy half of our shared studio:

My cozy studio in Providence, March 2009.

The view from my studio in Providence - Federal Hill across Route 6.

I used to overlook just the Boston-Providence railroad I overlook the Providence-NY railroad corridor, AND traffic on Route 6. Across the highway, Federal Hill and my favorite bakery, Pastiche.

Photo of a sculpture from Yaddo, and "Twiggy" the pencil cactus

The bad news? "Henry the enormous stick plant" died a horrible, dry-rot death due to exposure suffered during our blizzardy move. The good news? Anna brought "Twiggy the pencil cactus" into our studio to help me feel more at home. Merely a piece of his parent plant at the Steelyard, I wonder if he will grow to be an 8-foot tall, pointy fractal behemouth, like poor old Henry...