lost and found

Lost and Found on India Point

Lost and Found: Dolly, India Point Park Bridge, Providence

Above: "Dolly" - India Point Park Bridge, Providence

Lost and Found on Fox Point

With all of the doom and gloom economic news filtering through my not-so-dark glasses and rock and roll damaged eardrums, it's no wonder that my bear-shaped subject below has taken to the bottle. Who will help him? And who will help the rest of us?

Lost and Found: "Bear Hits the Bottle" - Ives Street, Fox Point, Providence

Above: "Bear Hits the Bottle" - Ives Street, Fox Point, Providence

For those of you in my neck of the woods, let's help ourselves by committing to vote for change on November 4th. The priority makeover our society desperately needs is a long-horizon goal, but we can at least do our best to put some better people in the driver's seat.

Lost and Found in a tree

It just occured to me as I was hauling veggies back from the Farmer's Market that I haven't posted a Lost and Found pic in quite a while. So here is one to keep the roster flowing. This particular find reminds me of why I left the music industry, and brings to mind the old adage: "It's better to burn out than to fade away..."

Lost and Found: "Rocker Girl Up A Tree"

Above: "Rocker Girl Up A Tree" - East Side, Providence

Yes, I am...

With all of the getting married, international travelling, guest-hosting, and (of course) writing about other artists I've been busy with over the last few seasons, it's easy to overlook my own studio projects. For those who are concerned, I've become quite skilled at adapting my working process to a bi-state program, shuttling my MSPCA tote bag between Hyde Park and Providence, full of the appropriate supplies to support my works in progress.

Works in progress: "Lost and Found: Tiger" by Meredith Cutler

Still, it's slow going, but I'm taking advantage of the seasons' shift to ramp up my production a bit. Not surprisingly, I'm moving on...and around back to my mixed-media/alternative fibers roots. I hope to have a good start on this new body of work to share with you very soon, thanks for keeping up with me!

This Is What Happens When The Internet Is Down

It's interesting what I can get into when the internet is down at my studio. Here is a little drawing I made today when all www distractions were effectively removed from my periphery:

Brothers and Sisters: Graphite drawing on paper by Meredith Cutler

It's based on a cell-phone photo I snapped in Asissi of an anonymous street-art installation, that also made it into my lost and found series due to its content. This one is particularly pithy. I really enjoyed the liberties of drawing this; it was a timely reminder to do this type of thing more often.

Before the internet abandoned me to my loftier pursuits, I added a blast from the past to my portfolio section, from my highly experimental days in the 9yds. art collaborative. I think the fact that Providence is such an incubator for funky artist collaboratives inspired me to dig through the archives. Ahhh, those were the days...it's nice to look back and remember when I did not need sleep to survive!

Speaking of which, ProvFlux decends upon us, August 7-11th. Keep an eyeball peeled for psychogeographers, and join in the festi-formance-games.

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