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Lost and Found on India Point

Lost and Found: Dolly, India Point Park Bridge, Providence

Above: "Dolly" - India Point Park Bridge, Providence

Lost and Found on Fox Point

With all of the doom and gloom economic news filtering through my not-so-dark glasses and rock and roll damaged eardrums, it's no wonder that my bear-shaped subject below has taken to the bottle. Who will help him? And who will help the rest of us?

Lost and Found: "Bear Hits the Bottle" - Ives Street, Fox Point, Providence

Above: "Bear Hits the Bottle" - Ives Street, Fox Point, Providence

For those of you in my neck of the woods, let's help ourselves by committing to vote for change on November 4th. The priority makeover our society desperately needs is a long-horizon goal, but we can at least do our best to put some better people in the driver's seat.

Lost and Found in a tree

It just occured to me as I was hauling veggies back from the Farmer's Market that I haven't posted a Lost and Found pic in quite a while. So here is one to keep the roster flowing. This particular find reminds me of why I left the music industry, and brings to mind the old adage: "It's better to burn out than to fade away..."

Lost and Found: "Rocker Girl Up A Tree"

Above: "Rocker Girl Up A Tree" - East Side, Providence

Lost and Found in Assisi

Even for one as secular as myself, a week in Umbria can have a strange effect. Maybe it was the bounty of fresh figs, or an excess of fine wine troppo presto nell giorno, but climbing up and down the stone-paved streets of tiny borgos and medieval cities like Assisi left me feeling a bit, well...holy...

Sarcophagus, Spoleto - Museo della Rocca

I felt the change take effect after a winding climb to the medieval fort overlooking the city of Assisi, which rests in a crook on the side of Mount Subasio. There, at sunset, the local drum corps gathers to practice their drum rolls, which echo off of the stone fortress and out again to wash over the valley below. My ears still pounding as we decended past St. Francis' Cathedral, I met a rather holy blind cat.

A rather holy blind cat I met in Assisi

There in the cradle of Franciscan teachings, this otherwordly fellow led me to the next entry in my Lost and Found photo documentary series of abandoned toys:

Lost and Found: Brothers and Sisters Assisi

Above: "Brothers and Sisters" Assisi, Umbria

If You Can't Beat 'Em...

Since I'm currently in the wretched state of not being able to process food, I thought I'd torture myself by sharing a few new snapshots from my playing with food photo-documentary "roll" (no pun intended, I really would prefer the ability to consume something other than ginger ale and Saltines!)

Concerned cutting board - Okra masala

Miraculous oatmeal heart

Above (Top): "Concerned cutting board - Okra Masala"
Above (Bottom): "Miraculous steel-cut oatmeal heart"

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