The day after that...

This has been an a-typical holiday season for yours truly, due in part to a new domestic role as holiday hostess, and in part to a much-needed change of career path.

A very impressive driveway: Montefalco

This road-less-travelled effectively negating a much dreaded, annual business trip, always undertaken at the frigid, painful crack of dawn after New Years, and terminating no less than 3 weeks later (usually during a blizzard). Collateral damage : jet-lag, post-traumatic stress syndrome, hearing loss, viamin deficiency, and unecessary exposure to the psychological tics of the overpaid, underappreciated and often ungracefully aging rock stars.

So, for once, I can actually approach my January with all of the promises and fervor of the optimist! I hereby declare January 2008 to be the best January ever.


 Shame it's only 18 degrees outside, as I could really go for a sail...



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