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Generally, when my blog posts slow to a trickle, my readers can surmise one of the following logical reasons for my rare silence:

a) I'm deep in deadline mode for my next contributed artscope articles

b) The plague has infiltrated my castle, and I am fighting it tooth and nail with "crazy tea" and sharpened blade

c) I've decided to update my website with a useful new feature, and because I keep this online boat afloat all on my lonesome...I'm up all hours gnashing my teeth and splicing open source code like a winner to make it all happen!

In this case, the reason for my rare silence is: c), which is good news for everybody! Readers, now you can sign up to receive my shiny, tasty newsletter: Meredith Cutler Studio News.

Meredith Cutler Studio News

This opt-in newsletter provides periodic updates from my very own art studio, including: event and exhibit invitations, sneak-previews of new work and exclusive special offers. Sign up using the easy, online form, and I promise to send you only the very best and most relevant of announcements. Click here for a preview of my latest newsletter.

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This Is What Happens When The Internet Is Down

It's interesting what I can get into when the internet is down at my studio. Here is a little drawing I made today when all www distractions were effectively removed from my periphery:

Brothers and Sisters: Graphite drawing on paper by Meredith Cutler

It's based on a cell-phone photo I snapped in Asissi of an anonymous street-art installation, that also made it into my lost and found series due to its content. This one is particularly pithy. I really enjoyed the liberties of drawing this; it was a timely reminder to do this type of thing more often.

Before the internet abandoned me to my loftier pursuits, I added a blast from the past to my portfolio section, from my highly experimental days in the 9yds. art collaborative. I think the fact that Providence is such an incubator for funky artist collaboratives inspired me to dig through the archives. Ahhh, those were the's nice to look back and remember when I did not need sleep to survive!

Speaking of which, ProvFlux decends upon us, August 7-11th. Keep an eyeball peeled for psychogeographers, and join in the festi-formance-games.

Culture Shock: How I forgot what rain looked like and where are the figs?

Ciao amici! Ho ritornato.

The scene: A typical bumpy landing at Logan airport. Squinting as I disembark, I recoil in horror at an unfamiliar temperature or weather condition (in this case, torrential rain, from which I have become alienated during my stay under the tranquil summer umbrella of the high pressure system planted over the Meditteranean Sea!)

Alas, all dreams must end, and my rude awakening of returning stateside to stone-faced airport personnel and the responsibilities of real life has been softened markedly by the abundance of ombrelloni-free New England beaches and fresh farmer's market produce! Hooray for tomatoes and corn!

Fresh organic figs from Montefalco, Umbria

I will continue to cry in my sleep for lack of fresh figs, like these ambrosia-filled organic gems plucked warm from the tree in my friends' Montefalco garden...


While the lack of fresh figs, proper gelato, and non-imposter mozzerella di bufala in the U.S. continues to trouble me, fear not! I am hard at work updating the site to improve loading time and fix some broken image links. Stay tuned for new posts and Providence-area show reviews as July makes way for August. Ritorno fra poco.

Playing with food, part 2

I admit it, I have never been much of a morning person; but I have developed quite a taste for breakfast as one palliative strategy for the inevitability of the alarm clock and the crankiness it bestows upon me.

Breakfast, January 17, 2008

The love of my life realizes the risk and power this time of day holds in its glowing palm, and luckily for both of us, he is a fabulous and inventive cook. Believe it or not, he fixes me breakfast each and every morning (which is one of the many reasons why I will be marrying him in less than two weeks!)

Breakfast, January 19, 2008 

His latest breakfast offering: a crispy variation of my own corn grits with sage combined with the crowd-pleasing "egg in the hole", looked so tasty that I was inspired to shape it into a familiar character from my own artwork archive. This was also a convenient reminder for me to update my online portfolio with my Sequence Block series (from way back when Bush first took office). Tasty!

Breakfast, January 19, 2008


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