Mixed-Media Art

  • Bunny - East Side/Mount Hope YMCA, Providence - March 27, 2008

    IT'S Y(OUR) LOSS: 2008-2009

    IT'S Y(OUR) LOSS: A series addressing issues of innocence, loss and the environmental impact of our economic engine, through altered photo documentary of lost and abandoned toys found in our streets and public spaces.

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  • Follow The Leader: Coolin' At The Playground, Yo

    FOLLOW THE LEADER: 2004-2007

    Collaged images of children and their iconic props are appropriated from retro-Americana (1970's) wallpaper and gift-wrap discovered in basements and urban garage sales. Flatland icon intersects with the deeply personal, as anonymous paper detritus mingles with images pulled from the Little Rascals wallpaper lining the safe walls of my own infancy.

    These characters and props are removed from their candy-colored, flattened worlds, and re-introduced into a variety of imaginary, uneasy environments infused with danger. Or do the characters themselves represent the danger?

    Through repetition and substitution, this work plays off of our universally recalled sense of childlike wonder combined with a tongue-in-cheek veneer of violence.

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  • Boys' Birthday Gift #5

    GIFT SERIES: 2002-2007

    Collaged images of children and iconic props are appropriated from retro-Americana (1970's) themed gift-wrap found at an urban garage sale.

    By removing these banal characters from candy-colored, gender, and event-specific formats - and reinterpreting them in an imaginary critical space; underlying tensions are revealed.

    Under the microscope: the disturbing elements of childhood, the commerce of gift-giving and consumer culture are magnified.

    Each deconstructed gift-wrap collage is then re-wrapped in needlepoint canvas, lace or vinyl, simultaneously hiding and revealing its new connotations.

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  • Sequence: Block 7

    SEQUENCE BLOCK (Awkward Chalkboard): 2001-2002

    Sequence Block: an invented "pseudo-scientific" study populated by awkward, low-resolution characters. These arcade-like icons were developed from abstracted imagery gleaned from chromosomal studies, particularly those focused on code abnormalities.

    Imbuing each of these characters with an individual personality and power, I created strange, yet familiar environments for them to explore and conquer, may the strongest pixel win.

    This series is made using machine embroidery on screen, with drawing and collage on duralar and vinyl. By utilizing familiar symbols gleaned from science textbooks and "dumbed-down" descriptive diagrams, I create a pseudo-scientific narrative for the viewer. My processes for this series and their visual results correspond directly to the heated issues of technology, art and the ethical questions raised by our dependence on technology and the decoding of the human genome.

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  • Random Access Denied: Detail

    9yds. ART COLLABORATIVE: 1998-2001

    After graduating from Skidmore College in 1997, Cutler co-founded the 9yds. Art Collaborative in Boston with fellow Skidmore alums and artists: Eric Wild, Marcus Ahlers, Sarah Hardesty, and composer Michael Gardiner.

    In addition to multi-media events self-produced at their Brighton live-work studio, collaborative works by 9yds. were featured at the Zeitgeist Gallery, Wheaton College and Solid Studios.

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