Vote: Only You Can Make This Work

The day we've all been waiting for is finally here. No matter what side of the fence you sit on, or how many electoral votes your state boasts, (mine: 4 big, fat whoppers) it's high time we squeezed this vote out and moved on with our lives.

There was a white powder scare over in East Providence that shook things up for a little while, but the poll scene over on my side of town is very quiet, except for an unseen catcaller who yelled to me from a row house window to "Vote Obama, Honey!" I waved congenially in his general direction. Then an art car full of hipsters wearing cat masks drove by waving signs reading "Cats for Obama"...ahh, Providence.

Hopefully by tomorrow we will have a better hint as to the fate of our disturbed nation. Until then, I'll be gathering with friends and neighbors to break bread and turn water into wine, waiting for our miracle.

Until then, here are a few amusing objects d'art I found on Etsy that will probably be sold while we bite nails and watch exit polls. Enjoy!

vote for your future - vote art on etsy

Images: (clockwise, from top left) "Van-Go-Bama" by orangyred, "Tofu for Obama Plush" by ChrisCreatures, "Election Fraud T-Shirt" by fatamerican, "Excited Voter Squid" by cleodee, "American Vice President Wrestling Middle-Weight Championship Poster" by yeehaw, "The Voodoo Sarah Doll" by Chellboy, "Vote for Peace" by alexandernash1, "I Voted Art Button" by a4ds.