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Come Sail Away

Okay, I've had about enough of these freezing cold temperatures. I was just watching Bravo and Matilda (my feral yard cats) trying to cross the pavement for feeding time, eight paws all sliding in separate directions over the ice. Tragic.

Around this time in the frozen depths of winter's dark, dry exhalation, I start to fantasize about summer. Beach. Boat. SPF 45...

Ship by CW Roelle

ABOVE: Title Unknown by CW Roelle, 2008, 7.5"x6", coated wire

Since we don't have summer, and since we don't have a boat, (and I'm certainly not in much need of sunblock) I purchased this small piece by CW Roelle as a Christmas gift for my husband. I'm trying to stimulate a little art collecting dialogue between us, as one way that we can improve our lives AND help the economy at the same time...without helping anyone evil that we don't like and doesn't deserve us.

But we like this artist, and we'll be looking for more from him. And while there isn't a force on earth that can pry me from my house today, I can gaze into the waters of this little vignette and smell the salt spray.


Thinking ahead...travel with vintage style

I'm not going ANYWHERE except to work and to the studio for yet another couple of weeks...Still, I have to admit that I am thinking ahead with anticipation for my holiday travels. No, I'm not going anywhere particularly sexy this time (unless Baltimore really turns you on). For me, travel is not always about the destination; it's about the experience, the people...and, of course, having the right luggage!

Super cool handpainted vintage luggage by GetReadySetGo

With that, I was happy to trip over Get Ready Set GO, a cool vintage luggage shop (with a handcrafted spin) out of Florida. The train cases, hard-shelled suitcases, briefcases and other vintage luggage pieces satisfy that vintage loving vibe. To sweeten the experience, each piece receives its own hand-altered treatment in the form of handprinted or handpainted artwork, embellishments, and even personalization.

I'm ready to pack one up and fly away!

Dye, Pleat, Stitch and Flaunt

I’m already uncharacteristically pumped for this year’s holiday season, which is completely at odds with what the doomsaying news outlets are prosthelytizing. One of the reasons for my early and enthusiastic push is that I will be creating most of our holiday gifts with my own two paws (with the balance representing items and works by artists & indie designers whose work I truly admire). If you are on my list, don’t you already feel special?

It’s no secret that I’m a huge proponent of Buy Handmade (or, make it yourself), which is where the following UK-based artist fits in. I fell in love with tinctory’s unique textile jewelry on Etsy last winter, and gifted her beautiful autumn leaf necklace to a very picky Italian lady who loved it!

Fall necklace by tinctory - http://tinctory.etsy.com

2008 has seen an increased creative intensity in tinctory’s jewelry line, with the addition of smocked silk necklaces, like the example pictured below. I don’t normally feature jewelry on Studio Debris, but this work is unique to my interests in that it incorporates hand-dyed or recycled textiles, with intensive pleating and stitching handwork. Using painstaking shibori and smocking techniques, Eva has invented some amazing sculptural forms that stand as works of art on their own.

"apples and ashes" smocked silk necklace by tinctory on Etsy - http://tinctory.etsy.com

In addition to the joy of receiving a truly unique piece of jewelry all the way from Birmingham, Eva from tinctory packages each piece in an elegant, handmade gift box. Mine arrived from the U.K. in no time. If you are interested in shibori or the other techniques used in tinctory jewelry, check out Eva’s flickr site for some interesting photos of works in progress.

Season's Eatings

In the blink of an eye, my complexion has transformed back from sun-kissed to milky white, and the freshest breezes are blowing spicy scents of drying leaves and sweet concord grapes down the streets of Providence's East Side. The calendar lies, but it's autumn, I swear!

Monochromatic Fruit Set by Revo on Etsy - Blown glass fruit

Above: "Monochromatic Fruit Set" by Revo on Etsy - handblown glass

It's the perfect time of year to visit Providence's farmers' markets, which are currently overflowing with Macintosh apples, the last of the pears, corn, squash, and a wide variety of lovely bitter greens (my favorite!). While enjoying the crispy, local tastes of autumn, I'm currently coveting the handblown glass fruit of Pennsylvania-based artist Anthony Biancaniello. His fruit sets are available on Etsy in a variety of autumn colors, and would look simply smashing in my vintage Danish china fruit bowl...(hint).

Baffi D'Oro (The Golden Mustaches)

While I don't go much for the smoke and mirror froofery of the leading political party conventions, I admit that I have been tuning in here and there to the DNC (until the excess of barfy inspirational classic rock forces me to change the channel to good old fashioned baseball). Regardless, I'm trying to put on a brave face for the election this November, and give my fellow Americans the benefit of the doubt that they won't persist in supporting the ongoing error of the current Republican party.

Presidential Facial Hair Hall of Fame Gocco Stickers by jelloh on Etsy

Speaking of brave face, check out these extraordinary Presidential Facial Hair Hall of Fame gocco stickers from jelloh on Etsy. While our current candidates are silky smooth, and suspiciously not sporting anything as rockin' as mutton chops, why not celebrate the presidential facial hair legacy of our forefathers Lincoln, Roosevelt, Taft (and Van Buren)! Printed on "fancy printmaking paper", these large handprinted gocco stickers are the original designs of Philadelphia based artist El Lohse. Pick up a mixed pack of 10 baffi (mustaches) sporting presidents for only $12 shining American dollars!

Presidential Facial Hair Hall of Fame Gocco Stickers by jelloh on Etsy

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