The *NEW* new housing market (and I don't mean Mc Mansions)

While the rest of us wring our hands over rising inflation, unemployment and the precipitous state of the housing market, some unshakeable folks are still contributing fresh-faced to development; namely, of domiciles, in locales and for "clients" typically overlooked once the pavers roll off the steaming lot of urban sprawl.

Los Angeles based artist and architect Fritz Haeg explores the implications of our global refacing and the potential for ecological amends in his current body of work, titled Animal Estates. Collaborating with zoological and ecological consultants on specific, art org. commissioned sites, from habitat-hammering shopping plazas to foliated, yet ecologically insensitive neighborhoods, Haeg investigates alienated local species, which he refers to as "animal clients" (e.g. New York's northern flying squirrel). Using field lab techniques, historical data and observation, he then designs and constructs dwellings condusive to welcoming that population back into the environment from which it has been dethroned due to the encroachment of human development.

Fritz Haeg: Animal Estates Project

As part of the 2008 Whitney Biennial, which opens tomorrow at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, Haeg will be installing model homes for twelve disenfranchised native animal "clients" in front of the venerable contemporary art institution. Guided tours of the model homes will be conducted by local scientific and cultural stakeholders, such as Michael Crewdson and Margaret Mittelbach, authors of Wild New York.

If you are interested in learning more about the artist and his project for all creatures fine, furry and feathered, NPR radio show Day to Day aired a lovely interview on March 4th, which you can listen to on their website. 

How will YOU spend it? (And I don't mean your rebate check...)

Here's a calorie-burning, life-affirming, utterly wacktastic participatory arts activity to help you while away your extra day of calendarial life: Performance artist Brian Feldman is challenging you (yes, you) to contemplate how you will spend your extra 1,440 minutes on this February 29, 2008, by leaping off of a 12-foot platform in front of Orlando City Hall every 3 minutes and 56 seconds, for a total of 366 occurances during the 24 hours of leap day. Will somebody get this guy a Red Bull? (Whee!)

Brian Feldman - Leap Year Performance Art

Call for entries: Treasure Postcards '08

This just in (via Fay via Tommey via The Hyde Park Arts Initiative):

Treasure Postcards 2008 - Arts for Global Development

Open to female artists working in all visual disciplines, this project is accepting submissions in postcard format; either 4"x6" or 14 x 10.5cm. (Sorry, boys allowed?)

"Select donated works will be exhibited at the 9th Street Gallery in Washington DC in March 2008 and all donated works will be available for sale during an educational event/exhibit to raise funds for a women's shelter and an NGO helping women and children. Further details about the exhibition and educational event will be soon posted on the project website. Interested female artists are highly encouraged to visit to learn more about the submission/project participation details."

Goodies from Boston - Go Sampler

We had some family business "up noath (north)" last night, so we decided to take the scenic drive up 95, to 93, to Storrow Drive, up JFK and down Mass Ave to catch the CitySampler: Boston release party at Spark Craft Studios. (If you are studio-less, Spark is a place to buy your supplies and work on your projects. I hear that on Friday nights, they give you wine to go with your projects. Fancy!)

To celebrate the wicked pissa-ness of Boston, our hometown, Crostini contributed some special, 2-color gocco prints and "Circolo" earrings. Although the initial batch of Boston CitySamplers sold out yesterday, Alison has made a few more available at the Sampler Shop. It's a wicked steal at only $18. Pick yours up today before they are all gone! (If you are lucky, you might get one of 30 limited edition prints of "It Came on a Grey Day" by Egg-a-go-go's Sarah Coyne.)

Crostini Designs: "Pieces of Angels" 2-color limited edition gocco print

It Came on a Grey Day - by Sarah Coyne for Boston CitySampler

Danger for Valentine's Day

Whether you have amorous plans, or loathe the very thought of this annual convention, consider heading to Firehouse 13 tomorrow evening. To celebrate their unofficial 13-month anniversary, the good folks holding up their end of the Armory district offer the promise of this intimate lineup: (with the added incentive of cartoons, slow-dances, a romantic art gallery, magic and raffles!)

Burlesque by the Danger Danger Birds

Live Music by the Viennagram

Firehouse 13 Valentine's Day Party 021408

Poster by Danger Dan

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